"About me"

Greetings! (^▽^)ノ

I'm Christos, a potential full-stack software engineer, mobile app engineer, hobby-photographer and maybe more...

I usually develop for the web, with JS and PHP but also, not as often, for mobile platforms, via native ways and cross-platform frameworks. Outside of software engineering related stuff, i also do photography, 3d-printing and probably more. The Homebrew-scenes are especially interesting to me.

Since 2013, i published to some degree content via the pseudonyme "STVS Studios". It began with a Minecraft map, but extended to software and photos after many years of chaos, which resultet in me being chaotic myself.
I'm employed in the IT-field and also active with internal and public facing software-solutions and other stuff as STVS Studios. Corporate stuff will always remain safe and protected.

Outside of IT

Amateur Photography

3D Printing and engineering

"Touching grass™️"

Inside of IT

Frontend and backend software development

I create frontends and backends mainly with JS and PHP based frameworks and other languages too.

Experience with special targets

I can develop for special devices, such as Nintendo consoles and Alexa compatible devices.

Experience with mobile targets

I can develop for mobile devices, especially Apple devices and Android powered ones.

Reverse engineering of services

I reverse engineer, non illegaly, for internal purposes.

Homebrew scene

I follow the homebrew scene on game consoles and embedded devices. The efforts people make to defy the intended way of hardware and software to be used is astounding.